Grilled Leeks with Romesco Sauce

I was on my elliptical working out and watching the Asian Food Channel when Anthony Bourdain started eating this in Catalona in Spain. Yes, Its ironic, but I do like these shows and will happily workout watching food shows (and yes, I do keep my heart rate up enough even while watching). The thing is, I do like leeks, but have no imagination whatsoever on how to use them besides as a garnish and those that I have done in the past. Like this, this and this.But this recipe highlighted the leeks truly how I like it.

Their methods are different. Grill, wrap in newspaper and steam in their own heat for about 20 minutes, peel off the grilled charred part, dip in sauce and eat. I didn’t want to wrap them in newspaper anymore, or grill them outside, so I made my on methodology.

It is my breakfast

In a cast iron pan, add the leeks which have been cleaned and cut in lengths enough to fit the pan. Add a bit of olive oil, about 1/4 cup of water, and a pinch of salt. Cover but keep on high heat. This is the steaming part. The water will soon evaporate and the grilling or charring will follow after. Turn so that charring goes all over. One the leeks have been grilled to your liking, remove from heat.

The romesco sauce is a bit of hodgepodge. I used canned pimiento, mixed with diced tomatoes, fresh bread crumbs, fresh garlic paste. I mixed this in a hot pan, to cook it all down. You can also add some heat to it, but i didn’t because of an allergic reaction that I had recently.

What I did was spoon the romesco sauce onto the leeks and just eat it as it is. Delicious as it can get! Simple, good for you, and if you have enough, heavy enough for a hefty side for some meat!


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