My mom kept on telling me that if I was only to bring one cookbook once I  move to where Matt is (yay!), that I bring this one cookbook called World Recipes. It is a glimpse of all the popular dishes of the world, even the ones I am unfamiliar with. So I decided to look through it again just to see if anything fits my fancy.


I went for a Moroccan dish called Harira. It is a beany soup,with noodles, and a little bit of lamb, which I replaced with chicken. It is on the sour side, like most Moroccan dishes, which I expect is to counter the gamey taste of the lamb. The sour taste also brightens up the spice filled dish, which is a great welcome flavor to the dish.

I mostly followed the recipe here, except for the lamb to chicken replacement. I also used brown instead of green lentils because I don’t know where to get green lentils. But besides that, I followed this to a T! 🙂

I do like this, light in flavor but filling soup, with all lean proteins in it too 🙂

Harira straight from my cookbook

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