Dried Legume Cream Soup

I am trying to be stricter with my food consumption again after my failure to lose weight for a week. Maybe it was the bloating I had while eating oats, but oats for breakfast was just not agreeing with me. So I started doing my calorie counting again and revamped my menu.

Good stuff
Good stuff

I was eating a lot of beans when I lost weight early past of this year, in forms of vegetable soups. So I decided that I will try that again. I was going through my Silver Spoon cookbook and I realized that I didn’t read all of its recipes, which I usually do when I get a new cookbook. I skipped all the appetizers and frittatas which they had a lot of actually. So I read those and found this Dried Legume Cream Soup which sounded promising. And cream soup, but with only two tablespoons of cream for 4 servings, it isn’t so unhealthy.

Pureed with cream
Pureed with cream

I have a variety of beans on hand most of the time. I have pinto, split pea and lentils and I ended up using 1/2 cup of each in the soup. I wanted more of the pea flavor, but for now, I decided to go equal in all of the dried legumes. Let’s not play favorites. 🙂

Then it was all just dump, boil, and puree. And I really do like beans because I found that this was really good. Like great good! And to think it is so healthy too. It is a bit hearty though, heavy. Nice for cold nights. I just hope it won’t keep me from tooting and tooting all day. Hahaha 🙂


Dried Legume Cream Soup Recipe

1 1/2 cups dried beans of your preference
water or chicken broth
1 carrot diced
1 potato, diced
1 onion, diced
salt and pepper
2 tablespoons of cream

Prepare the beans as necessary (such as soaking overnight, I used quick cook beans so it wasn’t needed). Put all of the ingredients, except for the cream, in a pot, and let this boil until the beans are done. Once done, puree in the blender or use a hand held blender to puree the beans in the pot. Taste and adjust salt as necessary. Put in the cream and stir. Serve with grated cheese on top.


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