Ice Cream! Hiland and Carmen’s Best Ice Cream

Sometimes, I discover a brand I like that may be really cheap or really good. Or both. This one is a good surprise. I saw it before, Hiland ice cream. I do like the flavor but I am not sure why I didn’t buy it. Maybe because there was only one flavor on sale? I do like it though, Cookie Dough ice cream. So it felt like a steal at P99. So I bought it!

Hiiland from somewhere
Hiiland from somewhere

It was sinfully good. Light and creamy. Not too dense. There were chocolate chip chunks, as well as cookie dough chunks too. And it was good. i do want to buy more of it, just annoying that there are no options to choose from!

Carmen's Best
Carmen’s Best

Come Carmen’s Best. the first time I went to this place in Puregold Molito, the freezer of Carmen’s Best was only half filled. I was choosing between Twix and Cereal Milk. Cereal milk won. It reminds me of Horlicks, which is really milk and cerealy, with a handful (small hand) of almonds thrown in. But it was really thick and creamy and all good. I told my sister about it and upon my recommendation, she tried other flavors as well. She bought Pistachio, All About Nuts, Mocha Almond Fudge and Cheese. We have tried the first two of that too, and both remained high quality. It was really good. And the best thing is it is locally made! Go local! đŸ™‚

I really do like ice ream. But now I have to ease up on it because I have stopped losing weight again. Ugh. I neeed more ideas on how to keep off the weight, and how to still lose more!

And yet I can’t give up ice cream and chocolate. đŸ™‚


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