Fried Fresh Mozzarella

I love cheese. And they do say that anything is better fried. But I have been ordering the fried mozzarella menu item for as long as I can remember! Oooey gooey cheese inside a crunchy coating, topped with a size of marinara sauce! Soooo good. My sister bought some fresh mozzarella cheese a while ago which didn’t quite take off for the kids, for whom she bought it for. So it was just there in the fridge until I found it, expiring to the day that I saw it. I tackled it the next day and just went with fried mozzarella! I coated it in flour,, then egg, then breadcrumbs, then lightly fried it in olive oil. I guess that in restaurants they deep fry this to a quick crisp because mine started melting a few minutes after. It still kept its shape, but it was more of a gooey shape.


The marinara, I concentrated from a can of spaghetti sauce and added a bit of sugar in it. It was thick and tasty, and made great topping for the cheese 🙂


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