Leftover Pastrami

Sometimes, i cook a lot. No. I usually cook a lot. Sometimes, it’s a  hit, sometimes, it’s a miss. So learning from that, I have started the habit of freezing half of whatever I make. I then have the option to savor the recipe once again when I am in the mood, but also enough to make everybody at home try it . Just try it. Not eat a lot of it. But if it fails, it also means I don’t waste too much and i still have enough to “transform” it to another dish.

This was a hit, but the odd flavors made it not for everyone. I wanted to just make some beef hash and remembered I still have this in the freezer. I thawed it and sliced it into thin strips. Then sliced again. I sauteed this in tomatoes and lots of onions, and more salt as needed.

This didn’t taste like the usual corned beef. Instead, it tasted like a pastrami shredded and made into hash, which was what it is. It takes some getting used to and I do end up missing the flavors of “real corned beef” from a can. But I do like transforming and breathing life into leftovers 🙂 I still had another batch left and decided to make it into some kind of Greek dish.

Greek beef
Greek beef

The sliced beef, I added some calamansi, oregano, milk, and garlic and sauteed it until mixed all together. Then served this with softened onions, suteed mushrooms, and couscous. This was better than the corned beef hash actually. 🙂 But still, nothing beats the real thing. 🙂


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