Quick Eats: Honey Creme, SM Aura, Fort

I am a fan of ice cream. If my calorie count can afford it, I will try it. I was reading a blog (for work!) and found this site mentioning this ice cream which came from somewhere like Taiwan or Korea and it is supposed to be really good. My curiosity was piqued because it had flavors or toppings I don’t usually find like honey comb, honey, toasted grains and the like.

20151016_122420So on one my work days that I need to go to the stores, I went to SM Aura, and I searched for it. it was beside La Lola Churros (which I have yet to try!). I ordered what I knew I was gonna get the minute I saw it on the menu. The honeycomb.

It was basically a milky soft serve ice cream, in a cup, top with a cube of honey comb dripping in it, with an excess of the lovely, lovely honey topped more unto my ice cream!

The great thing was I didn’t feel cheated from the honeycomb like usually do with other toppings! This was really so good. It had bad reviews (what my sister said) but maybe I lucked out on this one? I will come back and try the toasted grains one time 🙂


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