Breakfast Skillet

Breakfast skillet!
Breakfast skillet!

A breakfast skillet for me is like pasta. It will taste good as long as you cover it in eggs, or in the pasta version, add some pasta and cheese to it. So it’s like a useful way to use everything up. Or in my case, add a little bit of vegetable to my daily diet.

I have been making this the past few weeks (also a bit of Matt’s influence to be honest). The only difference this time now is I added some hash. This was boiled potatoes, which were then cubed and lightly fried. I set this aside and proceeded as usual.

The most basic ingredients I like are onion, and tomatoes. And then the rest varies as much as the contents in our fridge or pantry. Mushroom, bell peppers, leeks, spring onion, sausages, cheese, olives, etc. So those raw items are cooked first and slowly built up. And then finished with eggs mixed in.

I know that I can easily eat it disassembled, which I do too. But this is an easy way to eat more vegetables for me J I just have to figure out what vegetables I want in my skillet. And I can eat both with rice or bread.


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