Old-fashioned Buttermilk Biscuits

After the do-rite doughnuts, I wanted to make my own doughnuts. I am very unhappy with doughnuts available locally. All the airy stuff that feels like nothing. I like my doughnuts with more substance 🙂 Like the old fashioned ones I had.

Yeah, ugly
Yeah, ugly

So I decided to make some. I have not found this kind of doughnut yet in Manila (not that I was trying very hard) but I was happy to come out with a more than decent result on the first try! Maybe it was the humidity or I overestimated how much liquid I was going to put in, but the dough was really wet. But it was so good that it was worth all the trouble that I had, handling the dough 🙂

yeah, that did happen
yeah, that did happen

Except for the cake flour which I don’t usually have on hand, everything else I had. Instead of mace, I used nutmeg since I knew this to be the flavor of old fashioned doughnuts. Without a glaze, this was actually incredibly scrumptious. Managing the heat of the oil was a bit difficult, but got easier as the time went by. Recipe I used is linked here and just be wary of the amount of liquid in the dough. But other than that, this recipe was completely perfect!!!  I ended up freezing half of the dough (already in rings) ideally ready for frying. But let’s see how that works out 🙂


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