Mexican Chorizo

Chorizo abounds. To me its just like a sausage really. It can be fresh, or cured and dried. But it’s just another name for a sausage. Matt has been having this recently and I wanted to be able to try it too. The only chorizo I know of in Manila are the Spanish canned ones, the Cebu kind which are sweet, and then the local ones which are basically like sweet chinese sausages. Mexican I have never tried. Luckily I have my trusted Charcuterie book 🙂

There is the recipe!
There is the recipe!

There were two chorizos I wanted to make, the Spanish and Mexican one. But the Spanish ones needs curing, and has an ingredient I am unable to acquire. So I stuck first with the easier fresh Mexican Chorizo.

The different flavor of this one came from the chipotle peppers (I used those in adobo sauce) and the paprika. But this is very reminiscent of local longganisa to be honest. It was good for me, turned out a tad too salty, but okay over0all.

Biscuits complete with all the goodies
chorizo in the back, complete with all the goodies

My sister, who does not like garlicky anything didn’t like it as much. But this turned out great. I ended up making this as the sausage, with gravy, for another time that I had breakfast. And it turned out fantastic too 🙂


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