Quick Eats: Maggiano’s Little Eataly, Vernon Hills, IL

This was our first “date” date, and after numerous posts and mention of Matt, it seems weird to just post this now. Well, I did go backwards from my trip. 🙂

Matt asked if I like Italian food (and I think that Freddy’s post just showed how much I like it), and I said yes. So this is where he brought me. It was a darkly lit restaurant, a bit pricey too. We had some mulled wine, lobster carbonara, and the sampler of dessert. We actually ordered an appetizer of flat bread, but since they didn’t serve it before the pasta, we ended up canceling it.

Lobster carbonara
Lobster carbonara

The pasta was good, not memorable though. I know it’s lobster and all, but I was hoping for a stronger flavor for this one. I did like it when I was eating it, but after Freddy’s… everything seems to pale in comparison (even though I didn’t have pasta in there).

Dessert sampler
Dessert sampler

The dessert was too much for us though 🙂 We had tiramisu, some chocolate balls covered in icing, some crusty pound cake with ice cream and banana fritter, an apple crumble of sorts, and a cheesecake. They all varied in levels of goodness, but it kinda made up for the dismal pasta dish 🙂


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