Quick Eats: Kafe Leopold, Georgetown, Washington DC

Pam and me
Pam and me

A very light breakfast in Georgetown. It was located in between buildings and you wouldn’t see it from the other side of the street. A German/Austrian brunch place, the restaurant was packed at around 10am. The people were sunning themselves outside while I hide from the sun inside the restaurant. Their fare was quite unusual. A little bit of everything, but with a shelf lined with spectacular looking food 🙂 And we had cheese and deli meat for breakfast. I will not complain! 🙂


One thought on “Quick Eats: Kafe Leopold, Georgetown, Washington DC

  1. Nice. You’ve been to lots of places in the U.S. Tasting some of the Americana dishes. Recollecting, years ago, you had a posting of curing fish back home and you were not able to find liquid smoke, and you maked your own smoked salt. I think, while you’re in the US, buy yourself a bottle of liquid smoke to bring home. Hickory liquid smoke is a good one. This is one of the things I learned from your postings, to cure fish using smoked salt and now I’m using liquid smoke.

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