Quick Eats: Random Food in the US

Really great shakes
Really great shakes

Steak and Shake

One of the best (and most sinful) shakes I have had. Like a diner, they featured quick fast food to be cooked upon ordering but we only ordered the shake, which is what they are more famous for. If I could, I would have gotten two kinds, but as everything else Ameriican, the serving sizes are really huge. I got the Heath bar milkshake, and it was sooooo good. I ended up craving for milkshake the rest of my trip but thinking about how much ice cream was in there in that one big cup, I am kinda glad I didn’t. But next time I set food there, I want my milkshake. J

Yeah, only blurred
Yeah, only blurred

Baskin and Robbin’s

This used to be a favorite of mine before when I was younger and it was still available in Metro Manila. It quickly disappeared and then has only recently come back. But in the US, their branches are plentiful and abundant. I tried the golden oreo and churro combination, which is golden oreo with a cinnamon flavored ice cream. I found it surprisingly good. But I was expecting some churro bits in the ice cream too.

White Castle

A popular hit among many Filipinos. I think though it was more of the hype created because of the movie Harold and Kumar. A smell of it, I didn’t want it. A taste of it, I really don’t fancy it. One more try? Nope.


Starbucks Graham

This was just something I saw on TV, something I wanted to try because it is new. And since Matt is a coffee junkie, I keep going through this coffee chains and I do end up wanting to try something sometimes. So this was it. And was disappointed. It was merely a mocha frap sprinkled with some crushed graham on top….

DC Cupcakes!
DC Cupcakes!

DC Cupcakes

Popular on TV, I knew I was going to try this. We ordered the caramel apple, salted caramel cheesecake, and chocolate ganache. The first two were runaway hits! I love them to death. The chocolate ganache, like with all the fancy chocolate cakes which I expect a lot from, failed. But I do want to try all of their other flavors. J


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