Quick Eats: Sorak Garden, Annandale, Virginia

we were supposed to actually have lunch in a different Korean barbecue, but the first one was packed full. Like a 40-minute wait, from what it looked like. We didn’t want to do that anymore and turned around and went to Sorak instead. 🙂 The place, it seemed, was quieter, more “adult” with none of the how noisy a Korean Barbecue place is, or what is typical in my head, at least. 🙂

With my hosts!
With my hosts!

The place had limited English speaking employees and yet still manage to get the things needed delivered. We had two orders of everything. Seafood pancake, short ribs, pork belly, bulgogi, and an order each of seafood and chicken bibimbap. And then we still had all the sides, and rice, to be dealt with. It was only once they started serving the food that we realized how much food there is actually on our table. But it was too late by then. It was a kill or be killed moment.


We attacked, and failed! A lot of our appetizers went untouched, since the seafood pancake quickly came out (really good!), and shortly followed by EVERYTHING we ordered. The best of which was the short rib, was was oh-so tender, that it was something I was willing to fight for. The bulgogi was okay, but it has always been a sweet meat, which I dislike. The pork belly was good, but it was to be dipped in a fishy paste and eaten with veggies and rice. It was good, but not memorable. I did like their crazy hot bibimbap too. But there was just so much food that you can’t eat them anymore!

20150918_195832I think we all went home happy with stomachs filled (to the point of exploding). I am happy to try this kind of place and enjoy it really well. 🙂


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