Quick Eats: Denny’s, Somewhere in the US

After going to a house part, we were hungry, again. And a quick side trip to Denny’s, the all American diner, was the quick solution. But all the menu catered to was American diner style. So there was the complete line up of pancakes, waffles, grilled cheese, and omelettes. And I was craving for is a Filipino breakfast.

And an American one
And an American one
Looks like a Filipino breakfast
Looks like a Filipino breakfast

Matt ordered the grilled cheese, ham and egg sandwich, and I ordered a side of rice, a side of eggs, and stole some of the ham from Matt’s sandwich. Thus creating my Denny’s version of Hamsilog (ham, sinangag or fried rice, and itlog or egg). I can’t tell you how fulfilled I was with after eating that. 🙂 It felt like an indulgence. By the way, this is my first fastfood in the US, after my last and only try before of Culver’s butter burgers.


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