Quick Eats: Inspiration Kitchen, Montrose Beach

It was only after we were out of the restaurant that Matt told me about what was written below the menu of this place. That the place actually serves as a place to help out people in Chicago who are in need. I didn’t even realize it until at that moment, and I was happy that we ate there.

Might be my favorite..  the biscuit and the boy :P
Might be my favorite.. the biscuit and the boy 😛
crawfish roll
crawfish roll
his omelette
his omelette

After a day at the beach, we ordered some light food (a lot of it though). We had cheddar biscuits to start with, then I had a crawfish roll, while Matt had a crawfish omelette. The winner here was the cheddar biscuits and I would happily order one more of that as my main meal, it was that good! Our orders were good too. My roll had so much crawfish that I was exclaiming that every bite of my dish involved killing a small family of crawfish. Even Matt’s food was great! But after that great cheddar biscuit, everything seems to fail in comparison! So yes, I have the biscuit and sausage, as well as cheddar biscuits to make 🙂


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