Quick Eat’s: Kuma’s Corner Famous Burgers, Chicago

Prerequisite beer
Prerequisite beer

And another food haunt. We visited this a bit late into the day, maybe 1 or 2 pm, and surprisingly, there were still people here anyway. I had trouble deciding on what burger to have, as always when the food choices are great. I ended up with the Yob burger (with roasted garlic mayo and smoked gouda) while Matt had the Pantera (which had roasted poblano and toritlla chips atop). I had a side of chips, while he ordered it with fries, and beer. 🙂


The servings, as I have been kidding about for a while now, are American size, meaning ginormous. At this point in time, i haven’t really grasped how big these portions are and would always try to match Matt with his meals. (But this point forward, I knew to control myself). I did almost finish the whole burger, and honestly, I did try, but I couldn’t anymore.


The burger was good, juicy, and nice. The flavors were all complementing each other. The different flavors we were looking at the burgers were there, and were quite distinct upon tasting each other’s burger 🙂 I would love to go back here, but maybe eat only half, or be hungrier. I would love to try their other combinations which seem crazy out 🙂


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