Quick Eats: Doug’s, Wrigley Field

Woooohooooo! My first baseball came! 🙂 it was a surprise from Matt who knew I have never watched a baseball game, and wanted to show me too how it is like. I know how to play softball, and baseball had the same rules. It was a game between Milwaukee Brewers (I did have to look that up) and Chicago Cubs. I know that baseball is a pastime, and not such a rough and tumble sport as Football, but I would sometimes get lost in the game, and have to recoup myself. I said that maybe there was a warning when the game would start, but Matt just laughed and said, that the game would start when the pitcher throws the ball 🙂

Their menu
Their menu

I was rooting for whoever was hitting, because it was more fun that way, though I am surrounded by cubs fans (I am in Chicago after all). But I did have fun watching it. The fun is my story though.

Matt and his food
Matt and his food

I didn’t get in line to have the ID tag thing for age of legal drinking, but to be honest, among all those that Matt has ordered and I tried, the Green Line beer may be the best that I have tried. He said it was Indian Pale ale. It was fruity and clear, and not too bitter. We also had some peanuts to go with it. 🙂

For a light dinner, we went in line for Dough’s hotdogs. There were only three choices, the Champ, Dick Tidrow, and Pete Lacock. Matt ordered the Champ, which is basically a classic, and I got the Pete Lacock, which is the fussed up version (hello blue cheese!).

My Pete Lacock
My Pete Lacock

We got back to our seats quickly and mygad. Does Chicago even come out with bad hotdogs? I even like Costco hotdogs before! But there were really good. I super enjoyed mine (though technically it is a sausage), but was really good and tasty. And the sauce went well with it as well as the blue cheese crumbled on top of it! It was really good though. It was something I can have two of on a hungry day! 🙂

I remember the other stalls having more food, like nachos and the like, but the hotdog was the most important I think 🙂 And yep, a hotdog in a baseball game is a classic. 🙂


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