Quick Eats: Freddy’s, Cicero, Illinois

Their menu, which I only  noticed after finishing eating and paying for EVERYTHING
Their menu, which I only noticed after finishing eating and paying for EVERYTHING

So this totally busted Eataly’s ass on my food rating. It wasn’t even a planned trip. More of hesitation on Matt’s part to bring me here. But I am so glad he did. It ranks top in my food exploration for this trip. And I am planning to go back there regularly. Yay to Freddy’s.

My salads
My salads
My eggplant dish and Matt's chicken dish
My eggplant dish and Matt’s chicken dish

At first, when we entered, I thought it was just a specialty store, like Santi’s or any other specialty deli we have here. There was the dried meat on the  ceiling, different pasta shapes, frozen pasta in the freezer, cheeses on display. But as I went further in, I saw the different trays with different dishes prepared by the family. There was salad, some meat dishes, pastas, and on the other side were the ice and gelato. I knew then that this was my kind of store! I wanted to cry in happiness. I don’t think Matt understood how excited I was seeing all the goodies prepared by an Italian family. It feels like being invited to their home. ; And that’s how I imagine visiting Italy would be 🙂

What is on the ceiling
What is on the ceiling
Some of their cooked food
Some of their cooked food

I got excited and wanted to order everything in site. But by this time I knew I won’t be able to finish everything if I leave them to portion it. So what I did was order the salami and mozarella (caprese) salad in their smallest possible portion, then ordered a meat wrapped in eggplant, like an eggplant parmigiana. That was all for me. Matt had some chicken and mushroom thing going on.

Gelato choices
Gelato choices

EVERYTHING WE ORDERED WAS REALLY SO GOOD. It was homey, comfy, nothing too presumptuous. Nothing to dressed up and fancy. The dishes were served on paper plates, spooned directly unto it from the serving dishes, and heated as needed (in our case, the chicken and the eggplant dish). I ended up repeatedly saying how I love all of the food. And the kicker conversation was below:

Me: Who is crazy enough to make salad out of salami and olive oil?
Matt: Same people who made a salad out of cheese.

Our choices
Our choices

And that is when I realize, I do love Italian food, and most probably have fallen too for the Italian mindset. 🙂

After all of that glorious food disappeared into our bellies (mostly mine), we also had some gelato. I was choosing between the ice and the gelato, but as always, gelato won. Matt got fruits of the forest, and I got the hazelnut one. And both were so good that I was tempted to bring home some. It was okay if we were going to Matt’s. Or straight home even. But we weren’t 🙂

So I did say this tops my food haunts for this trip. And I have already have plans of going back.. 🙂


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