Quick Eats: Do-Rite Doughnuts, Chicago

So of all places, this was where we ended up going to on a random afternoon when Matt got hungry. We ended up just googling what’s a good cheap place nearby that’s open. The name is limited to doughnuts, but they also do serve sandwiches.

Because I got distracted eating to take a picture... :x
Because I got distracted eating to take a picture… 😡

When we got there, I wanted a doughnut, Matt wanted a sandwich. So we ordered a chicken sandwich, and two pieces of double chocolate old fashioned doughnuts. They only had 3 kinds on display, old fashioned chocolate and the carrot cake doughnut. I was surprised that they offered us two more free doughnuts, since they were about to close already. We were able to get all three kinds then.

I do have the feeling I have too many OMG food moments when I was in the US. And this was one of those. I mean, it is just a doughnut. But damn that really good doughnut. I like my doughnuts cakey and old fashioned, not like the airy Krispy Kreme kinds. And this one absolutely takes the cake. I had the double chocolate and it was just the right kind of cake and frosting. I could have eaten the whole thing if I wasn’t feeling sick of food yet at that point.

OMG Doughnuts
OMG Doughnuts

And the chicken sandwich? Yeah it was really great. It was cooked on the spot, so it was all hot and deliciously prepared only when you ordered it. So you get it like a nice gift wrapped packaged of warm crunchy sandwich. It reminded me of the goodness of the KFC zinger, but even better. The fries are a bit so-so. But the whole meal made me happy (or it might be the company 🙂 )

if I wasn’t feeling overly full of what I have been eating the past two weeks on that trip, I would have gorged on the doughnuts. But I am learning my lesson 🙂


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