Quick Eats: Little Goat, Chicago

I have been away for two weeks and haven’t really had the time for anything so I completely put the blog on the back burner but I am back. Having slept the weekend away after arriving, I am assuming I am somewhat functional despite the jet lag. But my posts for the next few days will be backwards. From my last proper meal to my first one, while I was in the US. 🙂

Sausage and biscuit
Sausage and biscuit
My date and his food
My date and his food

So this one was a monthsary date with Matt and we had reservations earlier to have a good seat. The place is a pub and being in the city, it is easy to go to and from the looks of it, the haunts of the city people after work. It was a Thursday when we went and most probably one of the best times to relax. It was a bit crowded. But having reservations helped.

My food
My food

I wanted a lot of things on the menu! Like a lot. Matt was poking fun at me for wanting a lot of things and not really having one dish to settle on. But at the end, we had to order and we ended up with sausage and biscuits as an appetizer, fried chicken for me, a goat banh mi burger for Matt, and some smoked fries on the side.

Me and my date
Me and my date

Do you know how sometimes you just keep saying “it’s so good!” and just repeating it throughout the meal? Well that happened. Everything really tasted absolutely great. i was afraid that fried chicken will just be the same as any other fried chicken, especially since I was choosing between that and duck confit. But I was in need of some comfort food, so I had the chicken. And the marinate it was in, before it was fried, the flavor really came through! And I love it. Matt’s burger, made out of goat, was utterly delicious too. It was tender, and tasty, not gamey as I thought it would be. It was wonderful actually. And the smoke fries, which was seasoned with smoked salt, was really good too. Even the sausage and biscuits was so good that I wanted to make some as soon as I can!

I also wanted to try their milkshakes. But I am glad i didn’t order it on top of my food. I was so full at the end of the meal (and I only ate 1 out of the three fried chicken pieces I had) that I would have felt gross after dinner. But this was just a “just right” type of full and it was worth it.

I know that this is hella expensive once converted to pesos. But I would think that based in dollars, it would be quite too. A splurge, I think. But totally worth it 🙂


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