You know how I am easily influenced by outside factors in what I end up cooking at any time. it may be the book I am reading, or the shows I am watching. But the boyfie Matt has a very particular dear thing for him, sandwiches. And one of his go-tos is pastrami.

Before cooking
Before cooking

So here I am, someone who has never tasted pastrami (or at least no remembrance of having it, but maybe I have). I don’t have easy access to it too here in Manila, or maybe I just don’t know where to find it. So in a curious state, i decided to make pastrami. Not for Matt, though I am sure he got jealous after seeing this, just for my blog and for good eating. 🙂

So good
So good

I googled it and found this recipe. And it was so easy that I just decided to wing it. I had all of the ingredients in my pantry, including the pink salt and pickling spice so i was good to go after buying the brisket. I followed the directions this time because I was afraid of the pink salt. 🙂

I noticed after that  all the recipes (and even online) steamed them in the oven. So I decided to just steam them completely in the steamer on high. I covered in the required spices (finally opened my smoked paprika from Sydney!) and just slathered them with it before dumping them in the steamer.

Ready for piling up!
Ready for piling up!

The beef shrunk while cooking but it remained oh so tender. And a simple slice for a taste revealed how good it was.


I made a sandwich from it the day after, just paired with some melty cheese, and the bread toasted on the pan along with the pastrami and the cheese. This is heavier than my usual sandwiches, but really good. It made me feel inspired to look up more deli meats, like I used to do with the guanciale and salami and botargo and all that. Now I have pastrami under my belt too! 🙂


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