French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich

So as I said how the boyfie has been influencing me through this sandwich phase (I will eventually outgrow the grilled cheese phase and move on to paninis and others) and this was another one. I have been eating grilled cheese sandwich. And then we were talking about pancakes and waffles. And then I thought of french toast and grilled cheese, and that was history. My mind is utterly odd and not too complicated. Just funny how I came up with it. It is not a new thing per se. A quick google yielded so many recipes that I won’t even bother too much with it. It is technically just making french toast, stuffing some cheese in between two of them, and letting it melt. 🙂

French toast grilled cheese
French toast grilled cheese

I may be a leaner eater when it comes to bread. i was unable to finish this culinary delight for breakfast! Imagine!!! But now, I have a new project to do 🙂


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