Manila’s Best Coffee Soft Serve ice Cream

We were in this specific area near our office, Blue Bay. It was a short drive, not walkable in the heat. We frequent this place there, Hot Star Chicken. I don’t eat too much of it, it being fried and all. But what I spotted on our way there was this group of people with huge cups of ice cream which looked really good. So after a bit of snooping and asking about, we realize it is from the coffee place nearby called Manila’s Best Coffee, and they are serving chocolate and vanilla soft serve ice cream made from Carabao’s milk! I willingly paid the P55 cost, which apparently turned out good for two to three people. I got the mix of the vanilla and chocolate. The chocolate tasted better. But seriously, I really liked it. It also reminded me of gelato, which is a way more thicker consistency, which I really like in ice cream! 🙂

20150827_135159I hope that this place will last. It seemed empty. They sell quality coffee beans as well, all locally sourced. I have yet to try their coffee, since I am really not too much of a coffee drinker. But I hope that they will last, even just for the soft serve 🙂


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