Take-Home from Japan!

No, I didn’t go to Japan but my friend did! Usually, its a smattering of flavored Kit-kats that I get when somebody comes from Japan. But my friend knows me well enough that I would appreciate getting some cheese. So she did get me string cheese. I had to ask her what these were and it was plain and smoked.. And of course! I immediately grabbed the smoked one and opened it. the color was only mildly different, like more of a yellow/tan hue, but hardly discernable if it wasn’t for the packaging.

Plain and smoked
Plain and smoked

The smoked one was really good! The flavor reminded of this string cheese my sister got me before from Vietnam. Their cheese is more tough though. Where the Australian string cheese that are available here almost kinda melts when at room temperature, these remain stable even in room temperature. Like tougher strings. 🙂 But all in all, the smoked one blew me away.

The plain one, was less exciting though. It was more salty than the usual I have and less creamy. But this is still a good string cheese that I will end up eating and buying anyway. Yummy. 🙂


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