Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I like sandwiches. I like hot sandwiches more. I love paninis the best. And mushing up a grilled cheese sandwich on the stove top counts as panini to me.

One side and the other
One side and the other

It was inspired by Matt who has a love affair with sandwiches. After a long conversation of philly cheese steaks and other sandwiches, i decided to make this for dinner. And I wanted to go at it in a grand way. I googled some ideas for it. usually, I would just use cheese, a bit of garlic for flavor, and that’s it. But no.

One more slice!
One more slice!

First tip was to ensure that both sides are grilled. I didn’t usually do that, so I did. i buttered both sides to achieve this. Upon the first flip, I added my preferred fillings. First is sliced melty cheese on one side, and mozzarella on the other.  Then on the melty cheese side, I added caramelized onions. On the other side, I added sliced tomatoes, topped with more of the melty cheese. This was then allowed to all melt.

Browned and looks good
Browned and looks good

I then flipped the onion side on top of the tomato side and squished all of it together. It already looked promising. Yay.

Look at that ooey goodness.
Look at that ooey goodness.

On a plate, sliced diagonally, it looked so good. And every bite was totally worth it as well. I will have to do this again, and again, and again. I do forget that I like sandwiches of these kind. Totally worth it.


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