Shabu-shabu at Home

I have done shabu-shabu once at home before but never bothered to blog about it. But now I have the chance to do. It was actually my friend’s birthday from the office that triggered it. She likes doing the shabu-shabu on her birthday, and have been doing it regularly for the past couple of years. I told mom this and I knew she wanted to have some so I was actually ready for it by then.

What is shabu-shabu anyway? It is of Japanese origin supposedly, and you cook slices of beef in the hot pot (which is also what it is called) until lightly cooked, then eaten with sauce and other veggies.

With lots of the sauce atop
With lots of the sauce atopef

We bought a variety of fish balls, Chinese barbecue sauce (called satay sauce), and the hot pot sauce mix. I copied what we usually do at Kait’s house. Boil a pot of water, add in chopped garlic, Lee Kum Kee pork hotpot stock, pork broth cubes, then satay sauce. Let it go good. Then add in the other ingredients to cook. I first started with the mung bean thread which I also served separately (since this had the tendency to soak up all the liquid if left there). But I added all of the sliced beef, taro root, different kinds of fish balls, vegetables, etc.

I also prepared the sauce by mixing some of the broth with more satay sauce, and chili sauce.

The whole pot was brought to the table once everything has cooked (it took about 20 minutes). Then you just get what you like as much as you want.

This was very filling actually. But this is soup. So it might be that you get hungry again after a couple of hours (who doesn’t at every meal?). But it is a nice meal to have on a stormy morning 🙂


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