Illinois and Virginia, Where to Eat and What to Do?

So I am going again somewhere, all because I needed to get away this time. I needed a breather. Thought about a few months back, but buying the ticket a month before a fly seems to be on a whim. But I will be in Illinois and Virginia for the months of September. I have tried a lot of things already on my first trip to Illinois a few years back. I have bough out Ghirardellli chocolates and other chocolates I wanted, I have eaten at Culvers, a lot of ice cream, a lot of cheese from Wisconsin, Garret’s, turkey legs, etc. Costco, Walmart, Target, I also went through all of these to find some good stuff I can cook with.


Straight from the package
Straight from the package
Bitter gourds
Bitter gourds
More cheeses
More cheeses

But now I am compiling a list of places I need to go to, and try. Restaurants, markets, specialty stores.

For Virginina, it will be my first time and though I am meeting and being hosted by my good friend Pam, I am excited to go around and discover local cuisine too! 🙂 I need recommendations folks, especially for those who live or have gone to the area. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Illinois and Virginia, Where to Eat and What to Do?

  1. in Illinois, try Lou Malnati’s Chicago deep-dish pizza and Portillo’s Italian beef sandwich. 😀 in Virginia, try Peking Gourmet Inn if you’re feeling like Chinese. if you get the chance to go to DC, try Astro Doughnuts, nopa, and the food trucks there. gaaaaaah. so many! i heard there’s one, Swizzler, that has gourmet hotdogs served by hot guys. wasn’t able to try it though. 😦 hope you get to find them!!! 🙂

      1. yung Swizzler, just check their twitter account for where they’ll be, @swizzlerfoods. they usually post the day before. send me a photo if you catch them! 😉
        yung mga food trucks outside the Smithsonians, super dami, so hard to choose! look for the one that sells Philly cheese steak sandwiches with a long line, so gooooood! also the one with saffron rice, i tried the beef stroganoff, sarap and ang laki ng serving! and Orange Cow (if i remember correctly), sarap ng ice cream! yung 3 food trucks lang natry ko. anyways, i’m so excited for you! 🙂

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