And after many years and years of wanting to try this, I finally tried making it. 🙂 Cannoli, not to be confused with the canneloni, is a pastry made of fried but light crunchy dough, filled with a creamy cheese mixture, that can have chocolate chips, or nuts or whatever you want to add into it, and then finished with powdered sugar. It is as good as it sounds. And it tastes even better. I followed this recipe to some sort of degree (because you know I never do). i had to quarter the recipe down because I knew that 4 cups of anything is too much anyway. I had to estimate most things, but it still worked out.

The challenge
The challenge

I didn’t have cannoli molds which in itself turned out to be huge challenge. I followed the directions mostly and ended up with a nice dough. Then it said to roll it flat, cut circles, then roll it. So i pseudo rolled it, like a floppy crepe. Then fried it. I tried to keep the hole in the cannoli. Succeeded in most. I used the two fork technique (one on each end), lowering the cannoli in the hot oil til everything is coated in oil, before dropping it in, hoping that the first layer of fat will prevent it from sticking and flopping about. I was mostly successful.

These were browned and cooled to get the nice crunch. I took my time in making the cream cheese (i used cream cheese, like mascarpone, not used to ricotta) and semi followed the directions. I piped them inside the cooled pastry, and then sprinkled on some powdered sugar. Lovely.

Worth all the effort
Worth all the effort

The first bite was heaven. And so was the next 3 pieces (not bites) of it I ate. The pastry was light and crunchy. .The filling was just the right tang and sweetness, and the powdered sugar just topped it all off perfectly.

I wish this was easier to make. This is way easier already than the macaron, but still difficult without the cannoli tube. If I can fine a cheaper sub for that, from the hardware store maybe, I’ll be fine and dandy to make this again 🙂


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