Healthified Dirty Rice

The healthy stuff
The healthy stuff

I like dirty rice. The rice becomes darker because of the liver cooked with it. And I like chicken liver. I made some chicken liver pate and set aside some that I thought I can use for something else. And I stuck with the dirty fried rice 🙂 A healthier version. Kinda.


I was on healthy fried rice kick before I left and I want to make sure I am back on the healthy path as soon as possible (pub food doesn’t quite cut it, I think). I got some brown rice, carrots, celery, garbanzos, bacon, an egg white, and the liver. Then worked from there. This is basically just like any fried rice you have had. But dirty. In a good way.

Now some people really don’t like liver, but I don’t know what substitute you can do to make a non-liver dirty rice. That’s some irony. Haha 🙂  Anyway, recipe is below.

Doesn't look too dirty
Doesn’t look too dirty

Healthified Dirty Rice Recipe

3 strips of bacon, cut into inches
1 to 3 stalks of celery, minced
1/4 cup of minced carrots
1/4 cup garbanzos
1/2 cup brown rice
4 pieces of cooked chicken livers, chopped
1 egg, or egg white, or yolk (I just had leftover egg white)

First cook the egg separately, chop and set aside. Fry the bacon until it releases all of its fat. If there is too much oil, remove some, if just a tablespoon, then it’s okay. Add in the vegetables and cook all of them until softened. Add the rice, then add the liver. If you have some of the cooking liquid of the liver, you may opt to add that too. Season with salt and pepper. Shortcut dirty rice. 🙂


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