Quick Eats: Chairman Wang, Molito, Alabang

I usually never eat out. Or at lest I prefer to cook at home whenever I have the chance. I am not sure why I decided to eat out. And I did say out loud that I missed Chinese food, which is about as rare as it can get.

My flowery drink
My flowery drink

I looked at restaurants within the Alabang, and found Chairman Wang’s. Near, untried, so Mom and I ended  up there. Their best dish is apparently the beef noodle soup. We ordered the wagyu one for sharing, and ordered lamb dimsum and hakaw, along with some olive fried rice.

Half of the soup and the hakaw
Half of the soup and the hakaw

The noodle soup was simple but really flavorful. This is at par with the so many ramen dishes I have tried. Everything was just right, even the half serving was actually enough for me so everything that came after was mostly for trying, but I was already full 🙂 The hakaw wasn’t the best I have had, but it was really good. As well as the lamb dumpling, unusual, but really flavorful. But you know me, I like lamb 🙂 But one simple dish was the rice, not sure how it became olive fried rice when I couldn’t taste any olive. But the color was there, and it was flavorful on its own like that.

Lamb dumpling and olive rice
Lamb dumpling and olive rice

I am glad that I tried this resto. And I want to try more of their dumplings. There weren’t too many people though and I am afraid this place might close down. Hopefully not, since I find their food really good. :)(


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