Quick Eats: Wholesome Table, BGC, Taguig

I spied a couple of new restaurants that I wanted to try while I was and miserable, back to reality from my vacation. I made Ara go with me, and she let me decide what restaurant I wanted to try. And I decided this. They serve organic food, a new thing in the local restaurant scene.

With a description of what they do
With a description of what they do

I ordered an appetizer of stuffed mushroom, then ordered the breakfast (or was it sunrise) burger, while Ara ordered a Japanese inspired burger with wasabi mayo and nori in the sandwich.

There was free bread and butter paced on the table, which I ate as I was waiting for Ara. The appetizer was served as well, and I started on that too because I

Bread and appetizer
Bread and appetizer

was hungry by that time 🙂 It was really good. Fresh mushrooms, stuffed with Italian sausage and some cheese, coated in some heavenly glory, then topped served in a tomato sauce. That was really good.

Two burgers
Two burgers

The burgers arrived along with some seasoned shoestring french fries. The burgers cost P490, and seriously, it wasn’t that great. Maybe we were paying for the organic price tag, and the ambiance and service, but really… Our food looked alike, except for the toppings and sauces. The food tastes different though, and I like Ara’s burger more than mine I think. More flavor. The egg addition was abysmal, though I love egg generally.

So am I coming back there? Maybe not. Let’s see how it goes. 🙂


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