Quick Eats: Rita’s Gelato, UP Town Center, Quezon City

I have seen this online a few months back and it was supposed to be so good, like a game changer. Their only branch is in UP Town Center (and Greenhills apparently), and so I decided to just try it (even though I was full). A friend recommended it as well.

The ices
The ices

I realized I don’t like complicated combinations. So there, you have to choose an ice, then a custard, and how you want it. There was the blendino (or the blended) and there was the usual, which I ordered. I got the cookie dough ice, with the twist of chocolate and vanilla custard.

I kinda look happy, I haven't tried it yet
I kinda look happy, I haven’t tried it yet

I thought that the ice would be creamier to be honest. I didn’t like it. The custard offset this, which was thick and creamy. Flavor of the custard reminded me of Wendy’s Frosty, by the way. I thought that maybe I would enjoy just ordering the custard. But they only had 4 flavors, and that’s wasn’t fun (there was an option to order just that). Anyway. The hype wasn’t worth it. It cost about P140, but so so in flavor.


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