Quick Eats: Hog’s Breath Cafe, Penrith, Sydney

Looks like family style
Looks like family style

Touted as the best steak in Australia (or self proclaimed on their menu). Or at least the mid-priced best steak in Australia (I requested for mid-priced). I am used to having steak that is cooked on the grill without any pre-cooking. This, on the other hand, is advertised as 18-hour cooked steak. I have to assume this is over low heat, then sliced as needed, and grilled. There are a lot of different combinations, mostly differing on their sauces (cheesy, avocado, mushroom, etc.), or accompaniments (with a side of ribs, some shrimp, etc.). All came with chips (fries) and  vegetables.

So I ordered the petite one because steak is steak, and its really heavy, with the mushroom sauce. Ian ordered the one that came with the ribs and the avocado sauce, and the steak that came with a side of ribs. We also got some loaded potato skins as appetizer and we snacked on those easily. We were hungry, yeah. 🙂


As the plate was served, it actually looked underwhelming. I was thinking because the place is actually a very casual steak place. Homey, if I think of it. Like where families go on a Sunday brunch or dinner. But as soon as I started eating it, I was feeling happy. The steak was really tender and flavorful, though I wish the sauce was served on the side instead. I forget that I don’t like sauces on my steak, and like it with just the pepper and salt. It was still rare inside (medium rare) which I love. Maybe because it was cooked beforehand, but the meat was actually less meaty than I am accustomed to. But it was not something that turned me off. Everything was all good.

Ian's plate, with the regular sized steak and avocado
Ian’s plate, with the regular sized steak and avocado

The chips were as good as any, and the vegetable were nondescript.

My plate
My plate

So there was my first try of the Australian steak. Our bill came up to about AUD$100, which is huge considering my budget for the trip. 🙂 But then, its the regular price you pay for steak, and Ian treated me to it. 🙂


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