Quick Eats: Buckley’s, Circular Quay, Sydney

We were hungry after walking around the opera house and viewing the famed harbour bridge (which we climbed a few days after!). Rain started coming down and we rushed back near the station to find something to fill our tummies. we ended up in Buckleys.

Bar of Buckleys
Bar of Buckleys

We ordered a lamb sandwich and steak sandwich, both came with fries. The annoying thing was they tasted alike, maybe the sauce was the same. The meat may be different, the toppings different too, but a bite of the sandwich, and a lesser exposure to lamb flavors, and you would think they were the same. Maybe a bad idea to order it together, but it was a filling meal as well, and good to boot. 🙂


They have a variety of beer on tap as well, which I guess is a great selling point most of the time. My friend Kars did order one, but I didn’t. 🙂

Our sandwiches
Our sandwiches

Note: birds are everywhere. i didn’t get attacked by the birds here, but at some point, I had to wrestle a piece of my muffin from one of those white birds. My hand was packed painfully, but I got to keep my food. The birds swooped in after, but I have hidden all signs of food there. But twas a freaky experience.


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