Quick Eats: Harry’s Food Truck, Sydney

After a long drive (we slept through most of the drive, poor Jorge) from Hunter Valley, we just wanted some relaxed chill food that wasn’t too fussy or anything crazy. It was in the plan after all, to try Harry’s. It started out as a food truck. Well, it still is. But now it has multiple stands all over the city now.

Harry's Food Truck
Harry’s Food Truck

Their food is a mix of dogs and pies. We got the hotdog de wheels, meaning it had everything on it such as green peas, chili, and a whole bunch of stuff. Plus the bacon, mushroom and cheese pie, which we shared.

Our dpgs and pie
Our dpgs and pie

Now I am used to wimpy dogs (small ones that takes two of to make you feel full), but this isn’t a wimpy one. And along with its chili con carne, green peas (which I was surprised to find worked well with all of it), it was really good. Heavy, that I couldn’t finish all of the bread (and it was a sturdy bread that could manage all of the heavy gunk on it too).


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