Hunter valley, NSW


A few hours away from the city is this area known for its wines and cheeses. i am not a fan of wine, but I think this trip is changing me. I already know I am a fan of cheese.

Their cheese/dining area
Their cheese/dining area at McGuigans
What I bought in McGuigan
What I bought in McGuigan
More cheese
More cheese at Tempus Two
Moooore great stuff!

We went to a few places there, Scarborough, McGuigans, Tempus Two. Just a handful of the many wineries and vineyards there. Honestly, I was drunk after Scarborough, and was happy to have a good lunch in between. I do know, and it was reinforced, that I like my wines sweet, prompting a friend to say that I may really just dislike the taste of alcohol. But hey, I like the buzz of the alcohol afterwards.

Cheeses at Tempus Two
Cheeses at Tempus Two
With a bit of grocery selection
With a bit of grocery selection, still at Tempus two

The vines were empty but the views were beautiful. I could have lolled around all day in the grass taking pictures and just looking around. But alas, the wines and cheeses need to be tasted more! There were some places that featured a whole bunch of things that I would have loved to bring home, but really cannot afford. Note the fact that I spent three times on cheese than wine. I bought a cheese that is about P700 worth which may be the most expensive one that I bough in my life ever. A real treat in all possible ways. A triple cream cheese. Almost like brie but oozingly soft. Ahhh. Then there’s the truffle flavored one. And the rind-washed one too 🙂


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