Quick Eats: Harrigan’s, Hunter Valley

If you haven’t noticed it yet, I have been in Sydney for the past week hence my bounty of all the Sydney posts. I barely cooked there, haven’t had the time and imagination to go for the local ingredients although I tried.


So we were in Hunter valley (will be featured in the next post), and it was time for lunch. There were a couple of places there that we could have gone to, but we wanted to try something locally authentic. We ended up going to Harrigan’s, which is a local pub type of place.  It looked like Outback here, or an older version of Fridays, with a bounty of alcohol on tap and in bottles too. I totally skipped those (wine tasting already, and I am easily a lightweight when it comes to drinking).


My friends ordered some meat pie, along with a pizza. We, me and Kars, shared a schnitzel. we have already figured out we are happy with half a serving of the Aussie food servings.

Pot pie
Pot piee
Chicken schnitzel
Chicken schnitzel

Is it me or everything that we are served here are good. I mean, this is just fried chicken breast with salad and chips (fries), but damn, it was good too. So was the pizza True, it wasn’t memorable, like I would go back to it for a specific dish, but I don’t mind eating there again, truth be told.


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