Cheese Chronicles#22: Bulla Cottage Cheese

I have many cheeses from Spain and France that should have come up here, but I have completely forgotten to chronicle it properly. So here I am again.


Recently, one cheese I have been seeking out is the cottage cheese. Local cottage cheese, those that I have tried, Nestle’s (already phased out) and Hacienda Macalauan are more rubbery than the ones I have eaten abroad. Their soaking liquid is a little bit watery too. The last time I have tried an imported cottage cheese was in Illinois when my cousin bought like half a gallon of cottage cheese. That was the best I have tried ever, and it was Landolakes. We don’t have it here. But I spied an imported cottage cheese brand in the supermarket recently: Bulla.


Bulla is an Australian brand famed already for its dairy. So I grabbed it. It was priced about P40 more expensive than the local brand, but it was totally worth it. The curds are softer. The liquid it is in, more milky. Imported cottage cheese, I will end up eating all of the liquid with the curds. For local ones, I throw away the whey. But hey,,. local is still good. I wish though that the local one can match up to the quality of the imported ones. 🙂 That will be a great day 🙂


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