BTIC Greek Yogurt

There was a time when i did nothing but binge on greek yogurt and put it on everything. i had it in my cereal, my fruits, muesli, swiss muesli, or eaten plain with nuts and honey I stopped when I realized I was getting sick of it, but the love affair is still there. So I gave in and bought this locally made non-fat greek yogurt at the supermarket. (I forgot to check the price, by the way)

Going local
Going local

BTIC, or Better than Ice Cream, is a local frozen yogurt stand. First of its kind, it is unlike the soft serve so common nowadays. This was really ice cream, but yogurt. So now they have come out with the greek yogurt. And know what? it is one of the best tasting yogurts I have tried. Not too sour, and non-fat at that!

I honestly should have tried this earlier. I still like the Karoun brand, but that doesn’t say fat free, and with the addition of honey flavor, I am not sure if that is an addition of another billion calories (maybe health benefits too). Either way, this beats the overly sour brands I have tried before. And, it is local! 🙂

PS. By this time, I will be in Sydney and getting in more blog fodder for sure. Yay for vacations. And Tim-tams. And Flake 🙂


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