Ovaltine Cookies

So who among you grew up eating the powdered version of these chocolate drinks like I did? Up to now, I put a few teaspoons of the powdered drink, mostly Milo (maybe a bit of powdered milk too) in a glass and eat it as is. My mouth would go dry with all the powder going in, and it would soon become mushy and gloopy. Of course that sounds gross now, but it still makes my mouth water. 🙂 It’s all memories 🙂

20150703_182030I have always loved the Milo bar chocolate. it was plain milk chocolate, with powdered milo in between, and that was fantastic. But they soon phased this out, and i can only find this in grocery stores abroad. I have fallen in love for the Ovo-maltine spread too. So then the Ovaltine cookies comes along. And I felt that I have finally found my Oreo. For those who don’t know, I am not a fan of Oreo. I am just not. But the Ovaltine cookies…

20150712_144045The cookie in itself reminds me of graham cracker, but less sweet. Then the cream inside is like a melted chocolate malt powder turned into a cookie filling. I really love it. 🙂 If ever they come out with a Double Stuff Ovaltine Cookie, I love it. 🙂


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