Quick Eats: Cafe Ilang-Ilang, Manila Hotel

All chiseled wood
All chiseled wood

Manila Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Manila, being build 1912 i(it was in their hotel wi-fi). I can go on and on about the hotel, but I really just want to get on the food. The last time I was here for food was my highschool prom…. haha. That feels like a lifetime ago. But now, we ended up staying overnight, and had free breakfast to boot! 🙂

First plate
First plate
2nd plate - pinoy side
2nd plate – pinoy side
Still the second plate - American style
Still the second plate – American style

Totally  my first time to eat here in Cafe Ilang Ilang, and I didn’t expect anything less from it. It is a prestigious hotel after all, a five-star one I think. So the food was going to match that.

Final plate
Final plate

Happily, my favorites were all present and accounted for! Smoked salmon, myriads of cheeses and nuts, muesli, waffles, ham, etc. These are the usual stuff I eat from the buffet. Like this is where I head to automatically 🙂 And we ate ourselves silly. I was happy with the food that I got. Was feeling bloated and heavy with all the food. I love spending luxury like this every now and then. And with good friends, what can beat that? 🙂


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