Quick Eats: Kumori Japanese Bakery


We were hungry and tired after walking around all day working. We were in SM Makati, and a bit lost where to go because we were just really tired then. We decided to sit at a tea pace and order some drinks. Right beside it was a bakehop called Kumori. They have different stuff going on. Pudding, cheeseake (the Japanese version), different rolls, some chocolate dipped bread sticks. But one of the supposed best seller is the Krone. It looks like a canoli actually. But based on description, instead of the cheese filled pastry, it is filled with some egg custard. Both are finished by a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. But as soon as my first bite, I know that the P50 I spent was worth it. The pastry was crunchy, fried I think, and really flaky.  The rings around it let me eat it cleanly, snapping at ever concentric circle, and not just cracking like a taco shell. The custard cream inside was light and sweet, but not overly so. And one piece was just enough to fill you in. Now I am curious to try the other things they have on there. I just have the feeling it will be really good. 🙂


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