The Ever-Tempting Yema Cake

We always go to Tagaytay, an elevated area about 2 hours from Metro Manila just to get away. Go to the somewhat cool breeze and scenic site of the volcano with a lake within a volcano within a lake. Yeah, we have that. If I sound weird, maybe just google it and read up. šŸ™‚

Though there are many establishments in Tagaytay that have now specialized its cuisine for day-goers or weekend trippers, there are still some of those stuff that you just wanna try when you go there. One is the yema cake.

Yema Cake
Yema Cake

We always see this sold by small stands by the main road, some just selling this item and surviving on that. We assume that it must be really good and yummy that it can then. So after much joking around of buying and trying it, we finally did. Finally! That was almost a year of saying we will try it. šŸ™‚

Happy to have some yema cake! Ara, Sushee and me :)
Happy to have some yema cake! Ara, Sushee and me šŸ™‚ Yes, we all have nice teeth.Ā 

We bought one for eating, and asked for some spoons. Tried it, and damn. It was as sinful as any dessert could be. A lot of the yema poured all over the plain sponge, and more in between the two slices of sponge. This was simply an easy cake to make. One I can easily replicate to a more depth of flavor that I think it needs. The flavor is typical of some desserts we have. Sweet and milky. But we had about two spoonfuls each and promptly gave up. It was too rich to eat after a meaty lunch and coffee with cake. Or maybe we really just overate that day. šŸ™‚


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