Steamed Chicken

So this started out what was supposed to be steamed chicken the Filipino way, which was pinaupong manok (literally seated chicken – on some salt). This is kinda like the french way of cooking of wrapping it up in salt and egg white. But not really. The pinaupong manok involves seasoning the chicken and stuffing it, then setting it down on some salt and covering it until it is cooked to perfection.

Within minutes of doing this, the salt began to burn. And the drippings from the chicken accelerated the burning. Afraid that the chicken would be nothing but smokey (the bad kind) of flavor, I lifted it up and removed it completely.

I then cut the chicken in half, back and front, and had 2 chicken halves. In a big pan, I placed the same items that I stuff the chicken with, 1 lemon, about 5 bundles of lemongrass, a cup of leeks. This served as the steaming bed. I placed the chicken on top, added a bit of water and chicken broth, then covered it. I allowed this to cook for a full hour.

i basted the skin with some soy sauce, for color mostly. And it ended up turning great. Granted, the parts of the chicken that soaked up the liquid turned up a bit saltier than I preferred. But still really good nonetheless. Maybe a better elevated be for the chicken so it won’t be stewed in the salty broth. But this was really easy, and pretty for service too.. except that I wasn’t able to take a good picture. What’s new? 🙂

What it initially looked like
What it initially looked like

Steamed Chicken Recipe

1 whole chicken, about 1.5 kilos
1 lemon, sliced in half
5 stalks of lemongrass
a cup’s worth of leeks, green and yellow part
10 cloves of garlic
1 cup chicken broth
salt and pepper

Cut the chicken in half. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Set aside. On the bottom of a big pan, place all the other ingredients to serve as the steam bed. Don’t forget to squeeze out the lemon juice as well. Place the chicken on top of the bed and allow this boil/steam for about an hour, or until fully cooked and tender to the bone. Serve with rice and vegetables.

What it looked like after being cut in half and being eaten :) hahaha.
What it looked like after being cut in half and being eaten 🙂 hahaha.

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