Tapioca and Sweet Potato in Coconut Pudding

I grew up eating tapioca pearls or sago, which is not a basic generalization of the whole readership of this blog. We had it in our taho, a soy based drink/dessert/breakfst. We also had it in our sweet coconut dessert made with root crops, sticky rice balls, and fruits. So its very common place.

Sweet potato, tapioca, and coconut :)
Sweet potato, tapioca, and coconut 🙂

But eating tapioca as a pudding wasn’t really the norm for me. I have watched it online, and have seen it in instant box forms. I have. It have had it dessert which is more soupy and not really pudding like. I have made tapioca pudding before, but used milk/cream/lemon. I decided to use coconut milk this time, for a richer and more local flavor.

I first bought some sago and cooked it as directed in the package. I then kept it in the fridge.

I cooked some canned (I didn’t have fresh) coconut milk, about 1/2 cup, with about 2 tablespoons of palm sugar and some nutmeg. I let this cook and thicken, and this was also cooled in the fridge. No need for an egg as a thickener actually, since the coconut milk really thickens quite a bit, especially with the addition of sugar.

I decided to add some diced sweet potatoes for a rounder flavor and different bite. I used this as a base, then added the tapioca on top, and drizzled about 5 tablespoons of the cooked coconut milk. And eating it, it was sooooo good. I can eat loads of it, and just the coconut mixture, But I can imagine how fatty it can get with all the good stuff. 🙂 I really want it though, so I will have a repeat of some kind of version of this soon 🙂 Maybe use cardamom this time, instead of nutmeg 🙂


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