Quick Eats Part 2: Todd English, SM Aura, Taguig

I miss Todd English. The last time I ate there, I super enjoyed myself and found myself wanting to eat there again recently. I decided to stay away from the foods that we have tried, and went with some recommendations. For our ordered dishes now, only 2 out 4 were really that great for me. But hey, even the other 2 weren’t really that bad.

My favorite of the night, and it slowly went downhill from there
My favorite of the night, and it slowly went downhill from there

We ordered risotto tater tots, baked half chicken, veal agnolloti, and the OMG cake. And oh, a bottle of wine.

Tater tots were incredible! Love it. Wanna make it. Although of course I end up thinking if this is leftover prepared risotto. Hahaha 🙂 But it was really good that I will order it again next time.

Looks sad, doesn't it?
Looks sad, doesn’t it?

The baked half chicken was good, but it looked paltry. I mean, compared to the porkchops, it looked tiny. But in reality, as we ate it, we couldn’t even finish it. But it was good. Nothing unusuall, but good.


The veal agnolloti had a wine sauce that I didn’t really prefer. The pasta itself was so-so honestly. Not one of my favorites and this was recommended by a friend. Maybe we had different tastes generally. But it was like, uh, beef in wine sauce.

So-so too
So-so too

The last was the OMG cake. Supposedly a really great dessert of lava cake, with ice cream, and some sort of pudding and mousse, it sounded so good. But while eating it, two things were missing, texture and variety. It felt like all were soft chocolate mixed together. I love chocolate, I love melted chocolate even more. But this was, ugh. I wish we ordered the other dessert.

So, this review isn’t actually good, may tarnish my initial review of the restaurant. But it wasn’t a bad meal altogether. I hope that another try here won’t reveal disappointment. 🙂


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