Breakfast for Dinner; Cereal with Banana and Nutella

I love breakfast! If all my meals can be comprised of breakfast, I will be happy. And it is one of those days that I get the chance to. I had the house mostly to myself and none of the usual cooking going on. And with bright ideas, I decided to eat like this. Mix Nestle Fitness Cereal with one slice of banana, with a spoonful of Nutella. I skip the milk entirely and toss the food like a loose chocolate granola bar. And ohmygod. This may be the best meal that I have done in my life!!! I was enjoying myself so much that it was almost tempting to put another spoonful of Nutella on my plate. But that would be overdoing it.

Looks promising
Looks promising
Looks really good up close
Looks really good up close

Honestly, this looks pretty now. But in concept, it is a chocolate crazed college kid’s perfect meal. Add in the milk and you would actually have a complete meal on its own. But after the mixing process, the bowl looks like a lot of chocolate bugs died on it, with all of its crunchy bits left. 🙂 But I swear it is so good.


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