Lonchas Curado

I was looking through the fridge and didn’t realize that some of my cheeses from Spain got moldy. The sampler one, specifically. 😦 That was a sample of 20 different cheeses gone to waste! The softer cheeses seemed to have gotten the mold first, and have spread to the others. So I immediately tried the other cheese, afraid that it might moldy too (but it was in a different case altogether). And the one I grabbed was the Lonchas Curado. The one I left behind is the semi curado version.

20150524_102603I know that curado is “more aged” than the semi curado. That is what I know. Googling lonchas gave me non-English websites so I really can’t look up the stuff anymore. .But you know what? I love this hard white cheese! It’s a very friendly cheese. Not too sharp, not too salty. It reminds me a bit of an aged mozzarella or lighter parmesan. Whatever it is, it is really good and I ended up eating two slices at once. 🙂

Eventually I will step in Spain, and know that I will have one of these cheeses to eat, if only I stop eating the other meat tapas available there for me 🙂


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