Coffee and Classic Rubs

The weekend came around and i finally was able to use some of the rubs I featured here. I went for our basic chicken breast fillets and seasoned them liberally (as instructed) after oiling it down a bit. Then on a hot cast iron grill, I seared them on all sides until cooked.

Left side is coffee rub, right is classic rub

I used the coffee rub (for adults) and classic rubs (supposedly for kids). I tried both chicken and hmmm. I like the classic rub. And I found that a bit surprising. Generally, I don’t like barbecued food that much. I don’t like the baby back ribs from most restaurants here, what with the sickly sweet sauce it is usually coated with.Maybe that’s what turned me off from all the barbecue there is. But this one, I really did enjoy. I like the cumin in it, reminded me really of tex-mex food (which inspired a dish). The coffee rub was good also except for the sweetness that I found out after. I really didn’t like that so much.

Left side is coffee, right is classic
Left side is coffee, right is classic

Initially, I wasn’t too happy finding out that my sister bought the spices, but I tried it anyway, and I am happy now that she did. I will try to reformulate the classic rub flavor and make one for our everyday use 🙂


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